Terms & Conditions

By booking and paying for lessons you agree to these terms and conditions covering the supply of music lessons by Alex Elbery of Music in Perpetuity (MIP) to you the person booking the lessons (Student(s))


  1. Unless otherwise agreed by MIP, all bookings are to be made via the website and paid for in advance.
  2. All lessons are to take place at the Student’s home or other venue nominated by the Student and approved by MIP
  3. Students are to supply their own instrument.
  4. MIP will provide access to any other study materials.
  5. The lessons are to take place in a quiet location free from distractions and interruptions.


  1. Where MIP is unable to attend a lesson they will inform the Student as soon as possible prior to the lesson time and arrange a free rescheduled lesson at a mutually acceptable time.
  2. Where a lesson is cancelled by a Student, lesson fees are not refundable but at MIP’s discretion it may be possible to reschedule a cancelled lesson  so long as MIP receives notice of the cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the lesson commencement time, and MIP will endeavour to reschedule a suitable time and will confirm the new time by email.

Late Appointments

  1. In the event that MIP is late for an appointment and the lesson proceeds then the time will be made up on that day. If the lesson cannot proceed then MIP will reschedule the lesson at a mutually acceptable time
  2. Where a student is late for the appointment the teacher reserves the right to finish the lesson at the appointment time or consider the lesson cancelled without notice.