Student centered music lessons with a focus on creativity, technique, improvisation, interpretation, composition and performance.

Guitar, Piano, Voice, Songwriting and Production

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The goal of Music In Perpetuity is to cultivate a relationship to, and a love of music. Whether you want to play in a symphony, start a band, write songs to perform or just find a deeper connection to music, we’re here to help you on your journey in a way the works for you. Music in Perpetuity offers skills that are invaluable in many aspects of life: active listening, understanding of historical context, confidence, performance and appreciation.

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What’s included:

We will provide any books or written material necessary for the lessons. We also provide unlimited access to the incredible app Yousician as a learning tool during lesson time.

You Supply:

A quiet place free of interruptions and your chosen instrument 

Terms & Conditions

There is very little “small print”, but there are a few simple terms and conditions to our booking agreement please read them HERE before you book. 


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